This makes me sick. (ref: source article)

Welcome to the west, eugenics.

After you watch, did you spot the sign on the wall at the beginning, “Women Count”? Yet the social worker is condoning and aiding the woman’s desire to abort the baby because it’s a girl?  Catch-22! If one supports abortion, one must support any reason for aborting, even if based on reasons related to the ‘personhood' of the fetus. And that means opening the door for selective breeding; gender preference, genetic strengths/weaknesses — ie, Eugenics.  If supporting abortion (based on the non-personhood of the fetus) yet the reason for abortion recognizes its personhood, logically the latter must be ignored.

As an aside from the gender/eugenics issue, not once did the social worker even mention “baby”, to the point of referring to the “sex of the pregnancy”. How can a pregnancy have a sex? This is just their way of disconnecting the existence of a human baby from the desire to kill it. You’re not ‘killing a baby’, you’re only ‘ending your pregnancy’, regardless of how far along it is, and how developed the baby is.

Basically, the argument that the fetus is not a “person” doesn’t apply in this situation because they recognize the sex of the baby — unless a male or female baby is somehow still not a “person” deserving a chance at life.

But anyway… this post is about ‘gendercide’, eugenics / sex-selective abortion, not abortion in general…

Here’s another under-cover report from a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in Texas:

In short…

Talk about slippery slope…